Friendly professional 1-to-1 training guidance in your own home, garden or park

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1-to-1 training

Why choose 1-to-1?

Training your dog or puppy can be daunting and sometimes frustrating. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you seem unable to get through to your dog and unwanted behaviours persist.

Attending group training classes is an essential part of training your dog, but sometimes you need more individual attention and input. I offer 1-to-1 guidance in your own home environment to help you to understand your dog and to assist you in addressing your specific difficulties you may be having with your dog’s training. I can help you to learn to read your dog’s body language and to understand why your dog acts in a certain way or does not respond to commands as you want them to.

About me

A graduate of Sparsholt College, I am City and Guilds qualified and I have over 10 years of hands-on experience of working with dogs and puppies.

What to expect

Our sessions will cover all aspects of dog training including:

  • Lead walking and walking to heel
  • Jumping up
  • Over excitement
  • Poor recall
  • Lunging
  • Greeting visitors and other dogs
  • Barking
  • Separation anxiety

I will travel to you to meet either at your home or at your local park. I will observe and assess your handling and relationship with your dog and will offer training and guidance in those areas you are finding problematic.

I am always happy to answer questions and following our session will remain available for any further queries you may have by email for up to 6 months.

A session normally takes 1 ½ to 2 hours, but this can vary as the format of each session is tailored specifically to the needs of you and your dog. Puppy sessions may be shorter as puppies can tire easily and lose concentration; it may be preferred to cover ground with two shorter sessions rather than one long one.

It is important to remember that you are training your dog; my role is to offer you guidance and support to reinforce your position as head of your dog’s pack and to strengthen and improve on the work that you are doing.

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Dogs (aged 6 months and over)

£60 per hour*

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Puppies (aged under 6 months)

£50 per hour*

*Prices apply to sessions taking place within a 3 mile radius of Albany Park (as shown on the map). I am prepared to travel outside this area, but additional costs will be incurred to take account of travelling time and travel costs.


Stephanie Eddings

07876 144130

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Terms and Conditions

  • All sessions are subject to a minimum charge of £60 for dogs and £50 for puppies, which will be charged to you at the time of booking.

  • For sessions to be conducted in areas outside the radius shown on the map in the pricing section, the fees to be charged will be agreed with you at the time of booking.

  • Please make parking available throughout our sessions.Any tolls or congestion charges incurred on the journey to your location and all parking fees throughout the session will be for your account.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your dog’s wellbeing. Please ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. Please also ensure your dog has access to water to drink throughout the training session.

  • I will use dog treats as part of the training session; it is your responsibility to let me know if there is any reason why your dog should not be given such treats.

  • Please do your best make sure your dog is toileted prior to the start of our session. If your dog toilets during the training session it is your responsibility to clean up and dispose of any mess.

  • A minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be given of cancellation of any training session. In the event that less than 24 hours’ notice is given the minimum charge will apply.

  • You remain fully responsible for your dog throughout training sessions; any damage or injury caused by or occurring to your dog remains your responsibility.

  • If your dog displays overly aggressive behaviour to me or to other people or dogs, I may require you to muzzle your dog. If you refuse to do so, or if you do so, but overly aggressive behaviour persists, I may terminate the session, but the minimum charge will still apply.

  • Whilst I hope that sessions will be enjoyable for both dogs and owners, they are nonetheless working sessions, so please keep the human beings attending to a maximum of 2 to enable you to concentrate. For this reason, the sessions are also not suitable for the involvement of young children. Similarly, please do not bring other dogs to the training session unless they are under the control of another adult who is not engaged in the training session.

  • Whether we are at home or outside the home, please ensure that you wear clothes and shoes that are appropriate for dog training.